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17576A Century of Hope on a Sea of Change: The Story of the Maine Sea Coast Mission
  • Document, Recording, Video Recording
  • Other, Carriers' addresses
  • Other, Preachers
  • Other, Religion
  • Other, Religious groups
  • Other, Religious services
  • Dobbs, Jeffrey
  • 2005
A video of the history of the Maine Seacoast Mission. This film was created in 2005 by Jeff Dobbs Productions, Bar Harbor, Maine The film is in the library in two formats: DVD and VCR
17561Penobscot: The People and Their River
  • Document, Recording, Video Recording
  • Other, Native Americans
  • Other, Penobscot River
  • Westphal, David and Hansen, Gunnar
  • Acadia Vilm Video
A videotape, in VHS format, titled Penobscot; The People and Their River, by Acadia Film Video, Gunnar Hansen and David Westphal, date unknown
17560Hard Work: "To make both ends meet", Maine Women's Voices, 1888
  • Document, Recording, Video Recording
  • Other, Women
  • Sharkey, Jim
  • Folkfilms.com
A videotape, VCR- VHS format, titled "Hard Work", produced by Jim Sharkey, Orono, ME, Folkfilms.com Interviews, historical photos, and video from present day factories details the rise of the female workforce in the State of Maine's mills and factories and explores the conditions that women had to endure both on and off the job circa 1888.
17558Maine's Golden School Days: 1890-1930
  • Document, Recording, Video Recording
  • Other, Education
  • Phillips-Strickland House
A videotape, VCR-CHS format, titled "Maine's Golden School Days" 1890-1930, A Reminiscent Video. A project of the Phillips-Strickland House, jacket design by Cheri Walton, n.d.
17556Richard Estes: A Film Documentary
  • Document, Recording, Video Recording
  • Other, Artists
  • Willey, Thom
  • 1998
A videotape, 30 minutes, VHS format, titled Richard Estes: A Film documentary, 1998 Created by Thom Willey and Paul Woodfin, produced by Thom Willey Film
17554The Singing Bridge: Fish Factory
  • Document, Recording, Video Recording
  • Other, Canneries
  • Other, Fish processing
  • Other, Fishermen
  • Other, Fishing industry
  • Other, Sardine boats
  • Other, Sardine cans
  • Dembska, Anna
  • 2006
A DVD that includes a 4.5 minute film of an opera created at the Stonington Opera House titled "The Singing Bridge: Fish Factory", April, 2006
17540Gilley: Portrait of a Bird Carver
  • Document, Recording, Video Recording
  • Object, Woodworking
  • Other, Wood carvings
  • Adams, Richard W.
  • 1981
A film on DVD about Wendell Gilley, master carver from Southwest Harbor. Title: Gilley: Portrait of a Bird Carver. A documentary story filmed during the construction of the museum built in his honor in 1981. Film by Richard W. Adams, with a 2004 update on the 25th anniversary of the Museum and the centennial of the birth of Wendell Gilley. Running time of 25 minutes.
17538Living at the Lighthouse: Chandler Family Tales
  • Document, Recording, Video Recording
  • Other, Burnt Coat Harbor Light
  • Other, Swans Island
  • Structures, Transportation, Lighthouse
  • Weigle, Donna
A compilation of film, photos, and audio oral histories created by Donna Wiegle, Swans Island Lighthouse , Burnt Coat Harbor Light Station.
17539The Fire of 1947: The Year Maine Burned
  • Document, Recording, Video Recording
  • Other, Fire of 1947
  • Northeast Historic Film
  • Northeast Historic Film
  • 2011
A film compilation about the fire of 1947 from the Collections of Northeast Historic Film. Included is: October Fury 1947, Maine's Forect Fire Disasters, A Look Back at the Infamous Fires 50 Years Later, a retrospective produced by the Maine Forest Service. There are other cuts and film included without attribution of sources. On DVD.